Presale Information

The THUGS Presale occured October 1st and was fully sold out within roughly 12 hours with 467,000 tokens up for sale.

2500 BNB Presale (Sold Out)
Permanently Locked Liquidity

Token Splits

1,098,420 Total $THUGS Created Oct 1st, 2020.

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467,500 $THUGS were put up for Presale and the BNB locked into liquidity forever.



167,000 Tokens sent into a locked liquidity provider address.



100,000 Initial development of the THUGS contract during the launch phase.


dApp Development

100,000 tokens for future development of features and tokens for the THUGS ecosystem.



100,000 $THUGS were put up for marketing purposes, including staff pay.



75,000 Tokens sent into a locked liquidity provider address for the BSCSwap platform.


1st Airdrop

68,920 $THUGS were used for the initial airdrop to people from discord, telegram and twitter.

Burn Rates & LP Fees

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The $THUGS burn rate adjusts depending upon the price of the $THUGS token, the lower the price, thus closer or below .36 initial price will increase the burn rate to a maximum of 50%. The higher the price multiplier from .36 the lower the burn rate, down to a minimum of .5%. This burn applies to ANY and ALL sending whether to an exchange or selling on a swap platform.


Minimum Burn


Maximum Burn

Liquidity Providers

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Earn Trading Fees

Being a liquidity provider for the THUGS network using the a swap pool allows you to earn a percentage of all trades occurring on the platform for the $THUGS token that you are providing liquidity for. Users currently earn .17% of trades.



To send any transaction on the THUGS token requires a burn, this burn rate may vary but is always present. When you burn BNB + THUGS to enter as a liquidity provider, the tokens are redistributed to people who have been providing liquidity prior to the burn.


What Happens When you Provide Liquidity into the Pool?

When you LP into a pool using THUGS your THUGS are getting burnt based on the THUG burn rate. This throws off the default 50/50 ratio for the two tokens you are providing liquidity for. E.g. if you provide liquidity in THUGS/BNB and the burn rate is 50% then fifty percent of your THUGS will be burnt when you provide liquidity; And Because there are less THUGS going into the pool it does not require the same % of BNB you deposited. What this means is that you are giving some of your BNB to the existing Liquidity Providers. And it also means that you will receive BNB from future Liquidity Providers as long as you are still LP.

For examples sake the numbers are not exact. Lets say you want to add 1000 thugs to the pool which requires 15.19 BNB. Depending on the the burn rate, the action of adding liquidity will burn a percentage, lets say 41% of your THUGS, so you only technically add 590 THUGS to the pool, which means YOUR liquidity would only be matched with 8.96 BNB. The other 6.23 BNB would still be put into the pool however, but it would just add to EVERYONES positions. So if I had 1% of the pool, my BNB amount would go up by 0.06

When Are THUG Tokens Burnt?

The percentage burned = 50 / (Price multiple from $0.36760313). The Max value = 50 (50 % burned). The min value = .5%
THUG TOKENS are burnt whenever you sell them, send them to another address, and when you add or remove liquidity to the LP pools. There is no way around this, your tokens will be burned at a % based on the formula provided above.

Where do the Burn THUG Tokens Go?

The burnt THUG token are split with 51% going to a burn address and the other 49% goes into a vault and we call this the protection tokens. These tokens will be used for future development, marketing, business relations, Liquidity Provider Air Drops, community management, community contests and more.