What is THUGS.FI?

The Path to Becoming a True Gangster has Never Been More Clear.

THUGS is a novel idea incorporating the power of the meme with community building, heavy burn for people dumping, token farming, NFTs and many future tokens to support the ecosystem and those supporting the community.


The $THUGS token is the main token that allows access to other area of the THUGS ecosystem such as $DRUGS, $GUNS, $HOES and more.


The THUGS Farm equipped to handle any and all tokens launched into the $THUGS ecosystem including $HOES, $GUNS, $DRUGS & more!

THUGS Non Fungible Tokens

$THUGS and other tokens will be used in making NFT's in the near future.

We can not give too many details surrounding the THUGS NFT's because we don't want the slimy competition to steal our good ideas, but the THUGS tokens will be leveraged in future premium quality NFTs, some of which will be airdropped exclusively to $THUGS LP token holders.

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The THUGS Ecosystem Roadmap

The THUGS ecosystem will take some time to perfect, but the end goal is functional, useful and fun token ecosystem built around NFTs, gaming & tokenomics that benefit users.